Anxiety is a psychological condition in which a person experiences fear of the future and is unable to function at their best potential. If you have an anxiety condition, you may experience fear and panic in response to particular stimuli and circumstances. You may also notice physical symptoms of anxiety, such as a racing heart or sweating.

It's natural to experience some anxiousness. If you have to cope with a scenario, perform in an exam, or interview, you may feel worried or nervous. Anxiety, on the other hand, can be good. Anxiety, for example, aids us in recognising harmful circumstances and focusing our attention, allowing us to stay safe.difference between healthy anxiety and anxiety disorder

Healthy anxiety

  • It improves your focus and performance.
  • It'll only last as long as the problem persists.
  • occurs when a person is confronted with a difficult scenario
  • ty sharpens a person's focus and motivates them to achieve their best.
  • Anxiety prepares a person for expected problematic situations


Anxiety disorder

  • you may experience anxiety for no specific reason
  • they may experience a lot of anxiety for a situation they may never experience
  • they might feel that they are unable to control their anxiousness.
  • they will avoid situations that may trigger their anxiety.
  • they may experience physical symptoms as a result of anxiety similar to a heart attack, like chest pains, sweating, pounding of the heart, dizziness etc.